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'The Digital Divide'
In this great age of technology mostly all the organizations serving our inner-city children have been disenfranchised by the high cost of entry. Curiously, this high price tag is not incurred by the purchase of the equipment necessary to deploy a high tech solution, but also by the cost of those with the knowledge to create the infrastructures, continually maintain the networks and provide the assistance needed to operate within them. Among a numerous scope of consulting services benefiting subsidized childcare centers and homes and services in non-profit fiscal management, we provide a data center whereby these costs can be shared by multiple organizations, in the process, allowing each of them to benefit from the expertise and support of highly skilled individuals. The focus   info

Technology for Children, Inc. houses a range of consulting professionals specializing in education and public service to large and small Non-profit and business management. Our Administrative staff is experienced in administering SDE subsidizes: reporting and auditing, attendance and fiscal management, reimbursement procedures, compliance to State and local policy, and Administrative Reviews. We have ten years of experience with direct services to children ages 2-13. In addition to our consulting and administrative staff, we provide IT and technology based services, experienced in the public sector (public school system). We have the experience to apply industry standard processes and methodologies for a successful deployment. We have the knowledge and ability to manage large scale technology solutions. Most importantly we have a record of vision > implementation > and success.

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Can revenue bridge the gap?
This nation has seen the rise of the .com era and survived the 'fallout' from the .bomb. The nation has been dealt another fatal blow to an already weak economy leaving what few Technology based corporations who survived, in the midst of exurbanite costs to inflate profits. What if a corporate entity stood among the technology giants as a non-profit converting all of its revenue to public service grants? Could this bridge the gap between children's services and community programs and success

Technology/software giants' market capitalizations are often greater than the Gross Domestic Products of entire countries around the world (large and small). These figures range between $46 million and $593 billion dollar's each year. The profits associated with each market capitalization greatly reward the stock holders, and the well rewarded Board of Directors, however is rarely returned to the communities that often provide this success, and are those that need the most support for At-risk children. If the division wasn't hard More from the founders desk


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